MIAMI, July 25, 2023— Mining Disrupt 2023, the industry-leading conference for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, has announced Giga Energy as an Elite Sponsor for this year’s event. Giga Energy is reshaping the energy landscape by monetizing wasted energy in the oil field, primarily through the creation of off-grid power generation facilities for bitcoin mining and more.

Giga Energy’s innovative approach to capturing stranded natural gas globally to power modular data centers demonstrates their commitment to sustainable and efficient energy use. This venture aligns perfectly with the focus of Mining Disrupt 2023 on advancing sustainable solutions within the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Giga Energy’s offerings extend beyond power generation. They also build, operate, and sell high-quality power generation and bitcoin mining infrastructure, including generators, data centers, and electrical equipment. Participants at Mining Disrupt 2023 will have the opportunity to learn more about their unique solutions and explore potential collaborations.

Giga Energy’s range of infrastructure includes customizable modular bitcoin mining data centers, reliable and low-cost natural gas generators, and transformers with rapid lead times. They also offer wholesale ASICs and a variety of other essential equipment for bitcoin mining.

Founded in 2019 in Beaumont, Texas, Giga Energy has focused its mission on capturing and monetizing flared natural gas in the oil field. Today, Giga Energy operates large-scale bitcoin mining farms fueled primarily by stranded and flared natural gas, demonstrating an innovative approach to using wasted energy resources.

About Giga Energy

Giga Energy was established in 2019 with the aim to capture and monetize flared natural gas in the oil field. They build, operate, and sell power generation equipment and offer top-tier bitcoin mining infrastructure, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and efficient energy use. Their groundbreaking approach to energy use supports large-scale bitcoin mining operations and other energy-intensive computing ventures. 

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