ConvoyFi is the First Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform that is Devoted to Raising Funds for the Freedom Convoy

BROOKLYN, NY/ConvoyFi is pleased to announce thelaunch of its website and innovative platform. ConvoyFi is the first decentralized crowdfunding platform that is raising funds for the Freedom Convoy using its own Convoy Coin token.
To learn more about ConvoyFi and Convoy Coin, please visit
According to a spokesperson for ConvoyFi, in light of the new restrictions being placed on traditional crowdfunding websites like GiveSendGo by governments in Canada, the cryptocurrency community created a solution.
Specifically, the new crowdfunding platform ConvoyFi does not use fiat or mainstream crypto coins. Instead, it uses its own token called Convoy Coin to raise funds and send them directly to causes that advance freedom.
“Convoy Coin harnesses the power of decentralized finance and puts it to work where it is needed most – supporting the Freedom Convoy and other movements,” the spokesperson noted, adding that 100 percent of the funds raised on ConvoyFi will go to a number of trucker charities, all of which are listed on the “Support Projects” page of the website.
“We are working with multiple charities, including Freedom 2022 Human Rights and Freedoms, as well, and and others.”
The $CONVOYCOIN token is ConvoyFi’s medium; it was built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) with a smart code that makes it safe to invest and also beneficial to hold, the spokesperson noted.
Looking ahead, ConvoyFi hopes to one day allow anyone to build and launch their own crowdfunding project and raise funds in its completely decentralized environment.
About ConvoyFi:
ConvoyFi and Convoy Coin are the future of decentralized crowdfunding. They are a decentralized crowdfunding platform promoting freedom to fund movements that people chose,
helping to empower people of all backgrounds to be in control of where they “vote with their dollars.”
The project is run by: ConvoyFi 77 Sands St. Brooklyn NY 11202 United States
For more information, please visit
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Tobias Mayer [email protected] (347) 305-2792

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